Chaos Knight Overview

Melee, Carry, Disabler, Durable, Initiator, Pusher




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Hero Attributes

24 +3.2

18 +1.4

18 +1.2

Movement speed


Sight range




Base attack time



53 - 83

Attack point


Talent Usage

+10.0s Phantasm Duration


+10% Chaos Strike Chance


Reality Rift Pierces Spell Immune

+0.5 Min/Max Chaos Bolt Duration


Reality Rift Pierces Spell Immunity

+0.75 Min/Max Chaos Bolt Duration

+0.6 Min/Max Chaos Bolt Duration


+12 Strength

-3s Chaos Bolt Cooldown


-75% Phantasm Illusion Incoming Damage

--75% Phantasm Illusion Incoming Damage

--100% Phantasm Illusion Incoming Damage


+200.0 Reality Rift Pull Distance

+20% Chaos Strike Lifesteal


+200 Reality Rift Pull Distance

+225 Reality Rift Pull Distance

+22% Chaos Strike Lifesteal

+25% Chaos Strike Lifesteal

+30% Chaos Strike Lifesteal

+35% Chaos Strike Lifesteal



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14924y 214d 10h 23m

This month

18y 282d 23h 14m

Guide & Build Strategies

Lore & Bio

"The light shall be blackened, and chaos shall reign."

Battles are what Chaos Knight is so familiar with. He has been through tons of them in various worlds. He comes from a place miles away from this world where the universe has its own senses .Among the ancient Fundamentals,  Chaos Knight is the oldest and most determined with his own goal. For eons, he has traveled from one place to another to look for a being which he knows nothing about except its name “The Light”. Even with the constraints from the first covenant, The Light somehow found the way to get out of the progenitor realm. That’s why Chaos Knight has to follow their traces to many planes. Whenever he finds the Light, he kills it immediately and then starts his search all over again in other places.

On his way to follow the trace of the Light and destroy them later, Armageddon, his horse always on his side.  Upon the back of his stallion, He is eager to wade into any battle . with the strength granted from the clutter of the universe and whenever he goes through, death will follow. Sometimes, he needs to accumulate his illusions from other planes to make him invincible in the battle. When Chaos Knight destroys the last Light it is also the time his job has been done.

chaos knight wallpaper dota 2 masterdota 

In-game,  Chaos Knight is described as: 

“Chaos Knight is an army unto himself. Able to summon a cavalry of clones to demolish enemy defenses, should an enemy present itself, he can rift reality to pull him and his phantasms close enough to rain brutal cudgel blows upon their head..”

Attribute & Stats

  • Strength: 22 + 2.8 each level;

  • Agility: 22 + 2.6 each level;

  • Intelligence: 21 + 2.2 each level;

  • Health: 640;

  • Health regeneration: + 3.2 each second;

  • Mana: 327;

  • Mana regeneration: + 1.05 each second;

  • Damage: 45 - 47;

  • Amor: 2.67;

  • Magic Resistance: 25%;

  • Turn Rate: 0.6;

  • Attack Range: 475;

  • Projectile speed: 2000;

  • Attack Animation: 0.3+0.4;

  • Movement: 290;

  • Sight Range: 1800/800;

  • Base Attack time: 1.7 seconds per attack;

  • Damage Block: 0;

  • Collision size: 24.

Abilities & Talents

chaos knight talents dota 2


By receiving 12 strength when reaching level 10, Chaos Knight is granted with 240 health, 1.2 health regeneration, and 12 attack damage.

Skills building guide

skill building guide chaos knight dota 2

In this build I will focus on guiding you how to play Chaos Knight as a hard carry. So in the first three levels, you should place one point in each ability to maximize your damage and durability in the early game. The first ability I recommend you max out is Chaos Bolt as It is useful to be dominant in the lane by dealing the enormous damage as well as stunning the enemy which helps you secure the kill. 

The second ability to max out is Chaos Strike. The reason why you should max out this ability is because of the critical strike it grants which can help you finish the opponent within a few attacks. And Reality Rift is our last priority. However, Reality Rift is extremely useful when chasing the enemies and securing the kill so you should place one point in level 2. Don’t forget to add a point on Phantasm in level 6 or whenever possible as with the help from this skill, you can push the lane faster and destroy more buildings.


Chaos Bolt

Chaos Bolt (Unit Target, Magical)

Effect: a flaming projectile is thrown by Chaos Knight at the target unit which stuns the target and deals damage arbitrarily.

Mana cost: 110/120/130/140

Cooldown: 13/12/11/10 (Talent 10/9/8/7)

Cast Animation: 0.4+0.4

Cast Range: 500 

Min Damage: 90/110/130/150

Max Damage: 180/220/260/300

Min Stun Duration: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2 (Talent 1.75/2/2.25/2.5)

Max Stun Duration: 2.2/2.8/3.4/4 (Talent 2.7/3.3/3.9/4.5)

Upgradable by Aghanim’s Shard

  • Cast Range: 800
  • Number of Phantasm Illusions: 1
  • Illusion Damage Dealt: 100%
  • Illusion Damage Taken: 325%
  • Illusion Duration: 6


The traveling speed of the Chaos Bolt is 700.

All the heroes in the map both enemies and allies, can see the figures about the head of the target which indicate the stun duration and raw damage values when it is hit by Chaos Bolt. Additionally, the numbers which are shown have been rounded.

  •  The stun duration fluctuates in a range of values (e.g. at level 1, it could stun from 1.25 to 2.2 seconds).

The damage and stun values are related reversely which means the longer the stun lasts, the less damage the target receives and vice versa.

If the target enemy is stunned for  0.1 additional seconds, the damage dealt on the target would decrease by  9.47/8.46/7.88/7.5 damage. The detail interaction between stun duration and damage output is list below:

  • Level 1: 1.25s — 180, 1.4875s — 157.5, 1.725s — 135, 1.9625s — 112.5, 2.2s — 90

  • Level 2: 1.5s — 220, 1.825s — 192.5, 2.15s — 165, 2.475s — 137.5, 2.8s — 110

  • Level 3: 1.75s — 260, 2.1625s — 227.5, 2.575s — 195, 2.9875s — 162.5, 3.4s — 130

  • Level 4: 2s — 300, 2.5s — 262.5, 3s — 225, 3.5s — 187.5, 4s — 150

  • The list above still applies when Chaos Knight reaches level 20 and grants the talent.

The debuff will be applied first on the target, followed by the damage.

If there is any Chaos Knight’s illusion which is in the 600 range of the target can cast a fake Chaos Bolt. This fake Chaos Bolt does not deal damage or stun the target.

  • The fake bolt is released at the same time with the real one simultaneously cast animation. 

  • If illusions are free from order and standing still, casting the fake bolt will force them to face the target.

  • In case the illusions are moving or attacking, they don’t turn the face to the target to cast the fake bolt while continuing the attack or moving. However, the cast animation is still played.

  • When the cast is cancelled, the illusions continue to play the complete cast animation but do not unleash the false bolt.

With the upgrades from Aghanim’s Shard, 1 Phantasm illusion will appear nearby the target if the target gets hit by Chaos Bolt. The Phantasm illusion will depend on the level of the current Phantasm.

  •  Only creating an illusion when Phantasm has been learned. If not, no illusion will be generated.

  • The illusion will attack the target immediately and automatically right after it is created.

  • The illusion can not be removed by the death of the target or stun disable.

  • To create the illusion in the Ability Draft, Phantasm must be chosen along with Chaos Knight.

Reality Rift

Reality Rift (Unit Target)

Effect: A rift is created in front of Chaos Knight which pulls him and the target enemy into it. The enemy which is caught in the rift will have its armor reduced for 6 seconds.

Cooldown: 18/14/10/6

Mana Cost: 50

Cast Animation: 0.3+0.5

Cast Range: 550/600/650/750

Illusion Search Radius: 1375

Target Pull Distance: 250/300/350/400 (Talent 450/500/550/600)

Armor Reduction: 4/5/6/7

Duration: 6


Projectiles still hit Chaos Knight when casting Reality Rift.

The range that Chaos Knight will be teleported towards when casting Reality Rift is 250/300/350/400 (Talent 450/500/550/600) away from the origin position of the target.

  • Before being pulled to the Rift, the target will be teleported a 62 range towards its original position. Which means the range that it is pulled is 188/238/288/338 (Talent 388/438/488/538)

  • The location of Chaos Knight’s illusions will be positioned around the target arbitrarily which is in the same angle with Chaos Knight.

  • At the time the spell is cast, the position is already set.

  • The visual effect indicates the right position that Chaos Knight and his target will be teleported.

Any close allies' illusions, even illusions not held by Chaos Knight also have a visual impact at their location.

The enemies can see the visual effects through the Fog of War if the enemies have the vision of the target and Chaos Knight.

  • Chaos Knight and his illusion must face the target or issue an attack order in order to cast this spell.

When applying Reality Rift on Rosha, only Chaos Knight and his illusions are teleported towards.

If this spell is cast several times on the same target simultaneously, it just refreshes the duration, not stacks the debuff.

Targets can cast their channeling abilities while being affected by Reality Rift.

Chaos Strike

Chaos Strike (Passive)

Effect: The regular attack of Chaos Knight has a chance to deal critical damage as well as trigger a lifesteal based on the percentage of the damage.

Proc Chance: 33.33% (Talent 43.33%)

Min Critical Damage: 120%

Max Critical Damage: 140%/175%/210%/245%

Lifesteal: 24%/36%/48%/60% (Talent 44%/56%/68%/80%)



The average percentage of the increased damage is  9.999%/15.83175%/21.6645%/27.49725% (Talent 12.999%/20.58175%/28.1645%/35.74725%)

It can stack with other sources of proc chances.

  • The source of proc chance which deals higher damage will be prioritized.

It can stack with other sources of lifesteal.

Can not deal critical damage on wards, buildings and allies.

When the attack begins, the sound and particles will be played accordingly, not when the attack hits the target.

pseudo-random distribution is applied on Chaos Strike.

Chaos Bolt

Phantasm (No Target, Self)

Effect: Chaos Knight dazzles for a short period of time and then creates several clones of him. These copies can deal 100% damage, but receive 325% damage.

Mana cost: 75/125/175


Cast Animation: 0.4+0

Split Time: 0.5

Number of Illusions: 1/2/3 

Illusion Damage Dealt: 100%

Illusion Damage Taken: 325%

Duration: 30 (Talent 40)

Upgradable by Aghanim’s Scepter:

  • Effect: The nearby allies also dazzle and generate several copies of themselves.
  • Number of Illusion from Chaos Knight: 2/3/4
  • Number of Illusions From Each Ally: 1


When Phantasm is upon cast, Chaos Knight will dodge the projectiles and dispel some abilities.

During dazzling time, Chaos Knight can not be attacked, cast spell on, targeted or seen.

Current attack and ability targeting priorities which are applied on Chaos Knight will be reset.

When the dazzling time ends, Chaos Knight emerge with his illusions:

  •  The emerging location is in the location where Chaos Knight casts this spell, One will appear right at the cast location , others would appear in the north, easth, south or west direction surrounding this point.

  • When there are 3 illusions, their positions after reappearing are in the form of a T shape.

  • Each will stand 135 range apart.

  • Although the formation is fit, Chaos Knight and his illusions can swap their positions randomly after reappearing and all face the same direction.

Any orders placed before and during casting Phantasm will be stopped or canceled.

The current illusions will be replaced with the new illusions regardless of who these illusions belong to when Phantasm is recast.

Chaos Knight’s illusions are endurable which means they can not be swept out easily by abilities.

With upgrades from Aghanim’s Scepter, the nearby allies also generate an illusion of themselves but under the control of Chaos Knight.

  • When Phantasm is upon cast, ally heroes dispel some abilities but can not dodge the projectiles.

  • Allies are still vulnerable to attack and targeted. The current orders still apply to the allies.

  • The allies can swap the locations with their  illusions and have the same formation like Chaos Knight does.

  • Phantasm can affect all the allies in the active range including their clones except the invulnerable and hidden allies.

Effective items guides

Early game

Enchanted Mango

Enchanted Mango restores a large amount of mana instantly which helps him cast the spells without hesitation.


Tango keeps Chaos Knight in lane longer by regenerating his health within a specific period.

Healing Salve

Healing Slave instantly restores a great amount of health so Chaos Knight can spend less time at the fountain.

Quelling Blade

Quelling Blade: great item to help Chaos Knight last hit the creeps easily by granting bonus attack damage.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand instantly restores mana and health which helps Chaos Knight to cast his spells more frequently.

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed: increases mobility.


Bracer grants bonus stats as well as attack damage which allows him to deal more damage and increase his survivability.

Drum of Endurance

Drum of Endurance grants Chaos Knight with bonus attributes and mana regeneration. Furthermore, its active can grant movement speed which allows him to deal a great amount of damage when ganking.

Mid game

Power Treads

Power Treads can make Chaos Knight become tankier by granting strength. Furthermore, the illusion can also take advantage of that bonus. In case he needs the mana to cast more spells, switching to Agility Power Thread is not a bad idea.

Echo Sabre

Echo Sabre grants strength and mana regeneration which allows Chaos Knight to survive better in the teamfight or combat. Furthermore, this item also increases the damage output of Chaos Knight when Echo Strike is activated.

Armlet of Mordiggian

Armlet of Mordiggian grants Chaos Knight a large amount of strength by activating Unholy Strength which also benefits his illusions if Phantasm is cast after this ability is triggered. Besides, the bonus it grants helps Chaos Knight deal more damage and increase survivability.

Aghanim's Shard

Aghanim’s Shard is a cost-effective item in the mid game as Chaos Knight can summon illusion by Chaos Bolt without casting its ultimate.

Late game

Black King Bar

Black King Bar: The immunity granted from BKB can prevent Chaos Knight from being rooted, stunned or other disables by enemy heroes which means he can chase the enemy easily and deal damage without any disruption.

Heart of Tarrasque

Heart of Tarrasque: A total 1300 health and 14.5 health regeneration are what Chaos Knight receives when buying this item. Chaos Knight and his illusions can survive longer in a teamfight and keep their health in the sustain state.

Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass: grants Chaos Knight and his illusions armor and attack speed.

Situation items

Heaven's Halberd

Heaven’s Halberd grants great bonuses as well as a hard counter for any physical damage heroes. Besides, Halberd can prevent a target from attacking for a certain amount of seconds which allows Chaos Knight to burst his damage and kill the enemy easily.

Manta Style

Manta Style: besides the bonus stats, movement and attack speed it grants, its activation synergizes well with Phantasm as it creates 2 more illusions which directly increase Chaos Knight damage output.

Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade’s Mana Break can slow the enemy down which allows Chaos Knight to catch up with easily and to deal his enormous damage on the enemy.

Abyssal Blade

Abyssal Blade grants Chaos Knight damage block and bonus health which makes him tankier. Furthermore the stun and bash debuffs are extremely useful when preventing the enemies from escaping.

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger is an item that can help Chaos Knight close the distance between him and the target when chasing for a kill or extend the distance when escaping.

Aether Lens

Aether Lens increases the mana pool as well as mana regeneration. Furthermore, its activation can increase the cast range of Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift.


Satanic makes Chaos Knight become more tanky and deal more damage by granting strength bonus.

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade grants invisibility to Chaos Knight which can surprise the enemies as they have know idea when he appears from behind and deals a huge amount of damage.

Eye of Skadi

Eye of Skadi expands Chaos Knight ’s health and mana pool besides other bonuses. Furthermore, its activation slows the enemies which keeps them in the range which Chaos Knight can cast Reality Rift and deals damage.


Bloodthorn allows Chaos to burst his damage in a single damage and finish it instantly by granting a huge amount of attack damage and attack speed. It also expands the mana pool and grants mana regen which solves his small mana pool problem.

Enemies & Allies


Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden makes Chaos Knight’s limited mana pool no longer an issue when casting Arcane Aura. Frostible and Crystal Nova can slow the enemies down which allow him to use up his spells. A stun from Chaos Bolt gives Crystal Maiden enough time to cast Freezing Field.

Keeper of the Light

Keeper of the Light: Mana is no longer an issue with Chaos Knight when Keeper of the Light casts Chakra Magic. Illuminate can put the enemy in a position that is perfect for Chaos Knight to cast Chaos Bolt.


Morphling: when the enemy is stunned by Chaos Bolt, Morphling can kill it quickly due to his fast attacks. Adaptive Strength can bring the enemy back to Chaos Knight’s position, then he can cast Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift. With the upgrades from Aghanim’s Scepter, Morphling can transform into Chaos Knight when casting Morph and have Chaos Knight abilities which can increase the number of illusions significantly.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer can benefit from the illusions created by Phantasm with Agahanim’s Scepter’s upgrade. Reality Rift prevents the target from running away and lets Phantom Lancer and his illusions do the rest.

Shadow Demon

Shadow Demon : With Disruption, two more illusions of Chaos Knight will be created which means it increases the damage output. Enemy can not run away from Chaos Knight if Shadow Demon cast Disruption and Demonic Purge to support him. Soul Catcher put the health of enemy in the warning state which is easy for Chaos Knight to kill them all.



Anti-Mage can escape from Chaos Knight easily by using Blink and reflect the Chaos Bolts with Counterspell if it is cast on time. Mana Break prevents him from casting more spells.


Axe can lockdown Chaos Knight and his illusions by casting Berserker’s Call. illusions can be cleared out quickly when Axe purchases Blade Mail and casts Counter Helix.

Dragon Knight

Dragon Knight: Dragon Blood grants him a huge amount of armor which makes Chaos Knight really difficult to kill Dragon Knight. The AoE damage from Breath Fire and Elder Dragon Form can destroy the Chaos Knight army quickly.


Earthshaker: Echo Slam and Fissure can destroy Chaos Knight’s illusion easily.


Enchantress: the slow debuff from Untouchable makes Chaos Knight difficult to deal his massive damage.


Enigma: Chaos Knight’s illusions have no chance to fight back when Enigma casts Black Hole and Midnight Pulse.


Jakiro: If Chaos Knight plans to catch Jakiro by casting Reality Rift, Jakiro can punish him by casting Ice Path and Macropyre.


Lich’s Chain Frost can clear up the Chaos Knight’s illusion quickly. Sinister Gaze upgraded by Aghanim’s Scepter can drain the mana of Chaos Night and hypnotize him and his army.


Lion: due to Chaos Knight low mana pool, Mana Drain can put him in the low mana state frequently which makes him deal less damage. And AoE damage that Finger of Death is granted by Aghanim’s Scepter can help Lion kill all the illusions.


Magnus: Reality Rift works as an assistance for Reverse Polarity to be cast. Illusions of Chaos Knight can be cleared out easily when Magnus casts Shockwave and Skewer.

Monkey King

Monkey King’s AoE damage can finish all Chaos Knight illusions within a few seconds.


Omniknight: the high damage output from Chaos Knight will be wasted when Omniknight cast Purification on his teammates.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer can dodge Chaos Bolt quite easily when casting Doppelganger. Chaos Knight can not deal with Phantom Lancer when he casts Juxtapose.


Puck: AoE damage from Illusory Orb and Waning Rift can clear Chaos Knight army quite quickly. Casting Phase Shift can help Puck dodge Chaos Bolt.


Pugna: When Pugna casts Decrepify, the target will turn ethereal which means the attack from Chaos Knight and his illusion no longer affect the target. Nether Blast will kill illusions quickly and is used to harass Chaos in the laning phase.

Sand King

Sand King: can clear Chaos Knight’s illusion thanks to his AoE damage abilities.


Sven’s cleave damage from Great Cleave can clear the illusions quickly. Storm Hammer can stun Chaos Knight before he can stun Sven with Chaos Bolt due to its faster projectiles.


Tidehunter: Ravage can deal damage and knock Chaos Knight and his illusions up. In the early game, the AoE damage from Anchor Smash can weaken the damage dealt by Chaos Knight. Kraken Shell guards Tidenhunter against Chaos Knight’s damage as well as dispels Chaos Bolt and Reality Rift.


Timbersaw: Chaos Knight and his illusions stand no chance against Timbersaw due to his strong area damage from Whirling Death and Chakram. Timbersaw becomes more durable when facing Chaos Knight and his army thanks to Reactive Armor. Timber can easily get out of the siege easily by casting Timber Chain.


Tinker With the upgrades from Aghanim’s Scepter, Tinker’s Laser can deal damage and apply debuff on Chaos Knight and his army.

Winter Wyvern

Winter Wyvern: Cold Embrace can protect the targets from being teleported and dealt damage by Reality Rift. Winter’s Curse can use Chaos Knight’s army against his allies. AoE damage from Splinter Blast can wear down the health of Phantasm illusions.

Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor: Maledict can spot out the real Chaos Knight. Death Ward, which is upgraded from Aghanim’s Scepter, can bounce between Chaos Knight and his illusions and wipes out the whole army quickly.

Items Counter

Shiva's Guard

Shiva’s Guard: the high armor it grants can guard the owner against the high damage from Chaos Knight. Besides, the attack speed reduction also affects the damage output of Chaos Knight.

Blade Mail

Blade Mail reflects the damage dealt by Chaos Knight. When Damage Return is activated, the owner can clear out all Phantasm illusions.


Butterfly can guard the owner against high damage output from Chaos Knight by granting evasion.

Ghost Scepter

Ghost Scepter and Ethereal Blade turn the target into ethereal which helps the owner avoid damage from Chaos Knight and his illusions.

Manta Style

Manta Style’s illusions confuse Chaos Knight as he has no idea which target he should deal damage on.

Linken's Sphere

Linken’s Sphere blocks the skills from Chaos Knight.

Battle Fury

Battle Fury’s cleave damage can clear out all the illusion quickly.

Favorable Matchups


Bane is confused when facing Chaos Knight and his illusions as he has no idea which target he should focus on. Chaos Bolt can be used to disrupt Fiend’s Grip.

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter: Track can be dispelled by Phantasm, the illusions also hinder Bounty Hunter from finding the real Chaos Knight.


Disruptor’s Glimpse and Thunder Strike can be removed and dispelled respectively by Phantasm. Disruptor is an ideal prey for Chaos Knight due to its low mobility and lack of inner defense.


Huskar stands no chance against Chaos Knight’s damage due to his low armor and movement speed. As Huskar relies on Berserker’s Blood to deal damage at low health., it also puts Huskar in the imminent threat when facing Chaos Knight with his burst damage.

Legion Commander

Legion Commander:Chaos Knight tankiness can survive high damage which is dealt by Overwhelming Odds. The stun from Chaos Bolt can help Chaos Knight finish Legion Commander before she can cast Duel.


Lifestealer’s spell immunity granted by Rage is avoided by Reality Rift with the upgrade from level 20 talent. Dueling with Chaos Knight is never an easy task for Lifesteal due to his lack of cleaving damage. Feast is neutralized by the burst damage from Chaos Strike.


Ursa’s single target abilities make him struggle when facing Chaos Knight. The long stun from Chaos Bolt gives Ursa no chance to cast Engrage.


Viper finds it difficult to duel with Phantasm illusions due to its single-target abilities. Reality Rift can catch Viper easily due to its lack of mobility.

Game plan

Early game

Like other carry heroes in the early game, farming is always Chaos Knight’s priority. However, He can use Chaos Rift to harass the enemies and cause difficulty when they try to last hit creeps . If you are dueling with a mobility hero in your lane,Reality Rift should be considered to narrow the gap between you and enemy so you can deal more damage on the enemy and secure the kill. Keep in mind that you need to farm to get your power accelebrate rather than trading skills.

Mid game

With some items and maximized Chaos Rift, you can start to roam to other lanes to secure the kill. You can farm the creep wave on behalf of your teammate but remember to consider it carefully as you don’t want your teammate to be useless later. Only roaming when you already clear the creep waves in your lane, execute the opponent in the lane or have an advantage by destroying the tower. To optimize the efficiency, getting back to your lane right after the gank is a must. Of course don’t forget to control the runes while roaming as they are useful resources so that you can spend more time on the lane instead of the fountain.

Late game

Your objectives in the late game are quite the same with the mid game but this time you and your team might play around the keys objectives like Roshan and towers. Your mission in the late game is to find a great position to deal as much damage as possible. You can use Chaos Bolt to initiate the comba. Reality Rift is also a great tool to start a teamfight but you need to have a BKB before doing that. Depending on the rival  damage, you should consider various items to purchase that can help you survive longer in the team fight and deal more damage.