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Ranged, Disabler, Nuker, Support




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Most Popular Ability Build 14.86% Build Rate

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Hero Attributes

18 +2.0

20 +1.4

25 +2.5

Movement speed


Sight range




Base attack time



3 - 9

Attack point


Talent Usage

+0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction


-32% Poison Touch Slow

-40% Poison Touch Slow

+0.5 Bad Juju Armor Reduction/Increase


+36 Poison Touch DPS

+250 Heal On Shallow Grave End


+40 Poison Touch DPS

+225 Heal On Shallow Grave End

+45 Poison Touch DPS

+200 Heal On Shallow Grave End

+60 Poison Touch DPS


+60 Attack Speed

+20 Strength


+50 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage

+350 Poison Touch Attack Range

+45 Shadow Wave Heal / Damage


+1.75 Mana Regen


+50 Damage

+60 Damage

+30 Attack Speed

+35 Attack Speed

+300 Poison Touch Attack Range



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16441y 216d 16h 45m

This month

21y 160d 2h 23m

Guide & Build Strategies

Lore & Bio

Before becoming a shadow priest, each young acolyte to the Dezun order must beforehand finish a series of rites. These rites converged into a final rite called the rite of shades, which was a harrowing spiritual journey through the Nothl Realm. This was said to be an unpredictable and dangerous domain which not all visitors were able to return. Of the ones that did, they returned mad, chaotic. Some, with strange aptitudes. Regardless, everyone who went there had been changed significantly. 

Driven by desires for enlightenment, Dazzle became the youngest of his own tribe to strive for the sacred trial. Initially the order refused him, stating that he was too young for it. But Dazzle was determined and stubborn. Sensing something special from the headstrong young lad, the elders relented to the acolyte. With that, Dazzle drank down the sacred portion and sat by the wavering fire as the rest of his tribe danced throughout the night. 

In the ethereal dimensions of the Nothl Realm, light and dark are inverted in terms of properties. Therefore Dazzle’s brilliant healing light, positively beautiful to our eyes, was considered a sinister kind of evil to the region; and so the darkest deeds were done in a dazzling glow. Dazzle returned to his people as true as the elders’ prophetic intuition; he returned not as Dazzle anymore but as a Shadow Priest like none seen before. He now possesses the power to heal just as well as to destroy, and uses his powers to cut down enemies as well as mending his friends. 

For the game, Dazzle, the Shadow Pries, is a ranged intelligence hero that generates brilliant dark light to heal and protect his companions. His Shadow Wave is a nuke and chain healing ability with a low cooldown that deals additional damage to adjacent opponents for each ally it heals. Shallow Grave renders an ally unkillable for a short period of time, helping Dazzle's teammates to survive otherwise unthinkable scenarios. Poison Touch is a spammable ability that slows and inflicts damage over time on its victim. His ultimate, Bad Juju, increases the frequency with which he may utilize all of his spells and equipment while also causing his spells to momentarily weaken his enemies' armor.

Dazzle's Shadow Wave offers him the choice to farm or push waves when he needs it, despite being a hard support with limited item needs. He also scales effectively into the late game, as all of his spells, with the exception of Poison Touch, deliver physical damage and penetrate spell immunity. Dazzle, the loyal priest of the shining shadows, will come to your aid time and time again.

dazzle dota 2 masterdota

This is his in-game description: 

“Born to support his cohorts in battle, Dazzle keeps wounded allies alive so they might later rain death upon the enemy. His strange magic weaves its way into nearby armor, weakening enemies and strengthening friends.”

Attribute & Stats

  • Level: 0/1/15/25/30;
  • Health:  200/560/1260/2000/2280;

  • Health regen: 0.25/2.05/5.55/9.25/10.7;

  • Mana: 75/375/987/1575/1827;

  • Mana regen: 0/1.25/3.84/6.29/7.32;

  • Armor:    -1/2.33/6.3/11.13/12.88;

  • Att/sec:    0.59/0.71/0.85/1.02/1.08;

  • Damage: 22‒28/47‒53/98‒104/147‒153/168‒174;

  • Magic resistance: 25%;

  • Movement speed: 305;

  • Attack speed: 100;

  • Turn rate: 0.7;

  • Vision range: 1800/800;

  • Attack range: 575;

  • Projectile speed: 1200;

  • Attack animation: 0.3+0.3;

  • Base attack time: 1.7;

  • Damage block:    0;

  • Collision size:   24;

  • Legs: 2;

  • Gib type: Default.

Abilities & Talents

dazzle talents dota 2

Skills building guide

skill building guide dazzle dota 2

We must have a point in each of Dazzle's skills in the early game to meet every situation, because they are all powerful. Shadow Grave is sometimes overlooked by new players, but it is quite handy in numerous scenarios where the lane mate is in danger. It's also advantageous to have it early in case your teammates are being dived and require additional time to survive.

The first ability we'll max out is Shadow Wave, because each level reduces its cooldown while increasing the number of heal and max targets it affects. It's critical to have a low cooldown and a large number of targets because this allows you to employ it effectively in battle. This is also the skill that distinguishes Dazzle from other supports as a formidable lane pusher.

Moving on, we'll look at Poison Touch, which is one of the most aggravating abilities for a support to deal with. You'll be able to cast it on more targets as you go through the levels, which is what makes Dazzle such a powerful and difficult to play against team fighter. Remember that if you hit a target affected by Poison Touch, the effect will be reset. When chasing down foes, especially squishy supports early in the game, use this to your advantage. 

The last two skills we'll look at are Shallow Grave and Bad Juju. In the early phases of the game, the early point in Shallow Grave is more than enough, but as the game goes, having points in Shallow Grave becomes increasingly vital because it reduces its cooldown and improves its range. When it comes to the ultimate, Bad Juju, we'll level it up anytime we have a chance. 


Poison Touch

Poison Touch (Unit Target, Physical) 

Effect: A poison cone is released, striking numerous enemy troops. Slows the targets and deals damage over time. The debuff duration is replenished and the slow is increased whenever the targets are assaulted by Dazzle.

Cast Point 0.3

Cast Backswing 0.57

Cast Range 600/700/800/900

Damage Per Second 16/28/40/52 (56/68/80/92 at Level 20 Talent)

Movement Speed Slow 16%/18%/20%/22%/54% (at Level 25 Talent)

Slow Increment on Refresh 2%/2.5%/3%/3.5%

Duration 4/5/6/7

Target 2/4/6/8

Radius 200 ➜ 300

Distance 500

Hex Duration 1.25

Cooldown 27/24/21/18 

Mana cost 110/120/130/140


Aghanim's Shard upgrade: Causes Poison Touch to hex affected targets for 1.25 seconds.

Does not pierce spell immunity. Slow persists and deals damage if debuff was placed before spell immunity and when not dispelled.

Blocked by Linken's Sphere. Blocked upon cast fully only when primary target

Poison Touch's projectiles travel at a speed of 1300.

With the starting radius, distance, and end radius, Poison Touch can hit units up to 1000 range away. The complete area is shaped like a cone in front of Dazzle. The area starts in front of Dazzle, and not at the primary target's position.

Targets within the cone area are not chosen randomly. It chooses the closest valid targets to the primary target within the cone.

Deals damage in 1-second intervals, starting immediately, resulting in 5/6/7/8 damage instances when not refreshed.

Can deal up to 80/168/280/416 (Talent 280/408/560/736) damage to each target when not refreshed (before reductions).

The duration gets refreshed whenever Dazzle lands an attack on the debuffed unit. Missed attacks do not refresh it. Refreshing it also increases the movement speed slow value by 2%/2.5%/3%/3.5% each time. This has no stack limit.

This is how much movement speed one instance of Poison Touch reduces when refreshed 8 times on each level:

  • Level 1: 18%/20%/22%/24%/26%/28%/30%/32% (Talent 50%/52%/54%/56%/58%/60%/62%/64%) movement speed.
  • Level 2: 18.5%/21%/23.5%/26%/28.5%/31%/33.5%/36% (Talent 50.5%/53%/55.5%/58%/60.5%/63%/65.5%/68%) movement speed.
  • Level 3: 19%/22%/25%/28%/31%/34%/37%/40% (Talent 51%/54%/57%/60%/63%/66%/69%/72%) movement speed.
  • Level 4: 19.5%/23%/26.5%/30%/33.5%/37%/40.5%/44% (Talent 51.5%/55%/58.5%/62%/65.5%/69%/72.5%/76%) movement speed.

Multiple instances of Poison Touch fully stack.

Bad Juju effectively reduces cooldown to:

  • Level 1: 19.98/17.76/15.54/13.32
  • Level 2: 16.74/14.88/13.02/11.16
  • Level 3: 13.5/12/10.5/9

With Aghanim's Shard, enemies are hexed on projectile impact, setting their base movement speed to 100, silencing, muting and disarming them.

The hex is only applied once upon projectile impact. It is not applied upon refreshing the debuff with attacks.

The main debuff and the hex are applied at the same time, so after the hex the target is still slowed for 2.75/3.75/4.75/5.75 seconds.

Poison Touch first applies its main debuff, then the hex debuff.

Total damage without refreshing: 64/140/240/364/679 (At Level 20 Talent)

The projectile moves at 1300 speed.

Fully stacks with itself.

Shallow Grave

Shallow Grave (Unit Target) 

Effect: An ally blessed with Shallow Grave, no matter how close to death, cannot die while under its protection.

Cast Animation: 0.3+0

Cast Range: 700/800/900/1000

Duration: 4/4.5/5/5.5

Talent Heal: 250

Cooldown: 36/30/24/18

Mana: 120/130/140/150


Prevents the target from dying by setting its minimum health to 1.

This means the target cannot die to damage, not even damage flagged as HP removal, so that it prevents the target from dying to  False Promise's delayed damage.

Does not protect the target against  Culling Blade's kill threshold, or Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. Wraith Delay expiring.

Stops Ice Blast from shattering the target when graved while below the shatter threshold.

Damage taken is technically not reduced, so any damage event still registers the full damage.

Can be cast on illusions and creep-heroes.

↓↓ Double-tapping automatically targets self.

With the level 20 Talent talent, losing the buff in any way heals the target for 250 health.

Bad Juju effectively reduces cooldown to:

  • Level 1: 26.64/22.2/17.76/13.32
  • Level 2: 22.32/18.6/14.88/11.16
  • Level 3: 18/15/12/9

Culling Blade can kill through Shallow Grave.

If a Meepo clone dies, all Meepos will die regardless of Shallow Grave.

Enemies can see the duration indicator for Shallow Grave.

Shadow Wave

Shadow Wave (Unit Target/Physical)

Effect: Shadow Wave heals many friends, causing damage in a small radius around them equal to their healing. Shadow Wave always heals Dazzle, and it doesn't count against the target count.

Cast Animation: 0.3+0.57

Cast Range: 800

Damage Radius: 185

Bounce Distance: 475

Number of Bounces: 3/4/5/6

Heal: 80/100/120/140 (With Aghanim's Scepter 180/200/220/240)

Damage: 80/100/120/140 (With Aghanim's Scepter 180/200/220/240)

Cooldown: 14/12/10/8

Mana: 90/100/110/120

Aghanim's Scepter upgrade: Causes Shadow Wave to dispel allies. Increases heal by +100 and damage by +100


Maximum damage: 320/500/720/980/1120 (At Level 15 Talent)

Prioritizes allied heroes over creeps.

Can damage an enemy multiple times if several allies get healed near it.

Shadow Wave has no bounce delay, so all targets are healed at the same time.

Shadow Wave has the following priorites: Hurt allied heroes ➤ hurt allied non-hero units (includes illusions) ➤ allied heroes ➤ non-hero units. The lower the health of nearby allies, the higher their priority. This means the lowest health units get healed first. If multiple units meet the exact same criteria (e.g. only full health non-hero units are within range), it chooses between them randomly.

Regardless of the target, Dazzle is always healed without counting towards the number of bounces, effectively healing 4/5/6/7 units. ↓↓ Double-tapping automatically targets self.

Can heal and damage up to 320/500/720/980 (Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter. 720/1000/1320/1680) health when all bounces hit (before reductions). The damage radius is centered around each healed unit. An enemy unit can get damaged by all healed units per cast.

Bad Juju effectively reduces cooldown to:

  • Level 1: 10.36/8.88/7.4/5.92
  • Level 2: 8.68/7.44/6.2/4.96
  • Level 3: 7/6/5/4

With Aghanim's Scepter, Shadow Wave applies a basic dispel on Dazzle and all healed allies.

Bad Juju

Bad Juju (Passive)

Effect: When Dazzle casts a spell, foes near him get a debuff. Reduces the cooldowns of your skills and items passively. All adjacent foes' armor will be decreased whenever you cast a spell. Debuff stacks and extends the duration of the buff.

Cooldown Reduction: 26%/38%/50%

Debuff Radius: 1200

Armor Reduction per Cast: 2/2.25/2.5 (Talent 2.5/2.75/3)

Duration: 8


Debuff stacks and refreshes the duration.

Does not affect Roshan.

Multiple sources of percentage-based cooldown reductions do not stack. The highest value takes priority.

Reduces enemies' armor before the triggering ability takes effect.

Does not trigger on active item abilities, on abilities with 0 cooldown, or on abilities which do not trigger on-cast effects.

Places one debuff on enemies. This debuff gets stronger when it gets refreshed with successive casts. A number on the icon shows how many times the debuff was refreshed, including the first cast.

Affects invisible units and units in the Fog of War. Does not affect invulnerable or hidden enemies. Does not affect Roshan.

Effective items guides

Early game


Tango: enables Dazzle to withstand enemy harass damage, preventing him from fleeing the lane and leaving his lane companion vulnerable.

Healing Salve

Healing Salve: restores health to Dazzle or allies.

Iron Branch

Iron Branch: gives features that are cost-effective. It can be combined with Tango for more health regeneration, or it can be built into Magic Wand.


Clarity: allows Dazzle to recharge his mana in lane, allowing him to continue casting spells, including Shadow Wave, which heals his ally.

Observer Ward

Observer Ward: allows teammates to engage in engagements on their own terms or avoid opponent ganks by providing map view and information to make gaming decisions.

Magic Stick

Magic Stick: provides Dazzle with a burst of life and mana. In a fight, staying alive long enough to cast one more spell can make a big difference.

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed: On all heroes, Boots of Speed should be purchased as soon as possible. Positioning is important for Dazzle to be able to cast his spells, and the increased movement speed lets him to track down adversaries after hurting them with Poison Touch.

Urn of Shadows

Urn of Shadows: Urn of Shadows has a lot of synergy with Dazzle. It delivers a good deal of cost-effective statistics. The Urn charges allow Dazzle to heal teammates while Shadow Wave is active, as well as add greater damage to ganks and engagements.

Mid game

Magic Wand

Magic Wand: Magic Wand, which is made up of the preceding Magic Stick and Iron Branch, adds new qualities and charge storage to help Dazzle survive and fight longer.

Medallion of Courage

Medallion of Courage: works exceptionally well with Dazzle's abilities, which all do physical damage. The active can function alongside Bad Juju to further increase allies' armor or further debilitate his adversaries' armor, while the passive offers additional armor for survivability and scaled mana regeneration.

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots: increases the amount of his mana pool, allowing him to perform more abilities, and lets him to restore the mana of himself and his allies, allowing him to serve his team even more effectively.


Mekansm: gives Dazzle all-around abilities and armor, as well as allowing him to heal his teammates more effectively alongside Shadow Wave, extending their combat lives.

Late game

Solar Crest

Solar Crest: upgrade from Medallion of Courage, increases the item's overall efficacy. Dazzle can make use of his strong intellect growth even more thanks to the enhanced mana regen, while allied carry benefits from the improved attack and movement speed.

Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel: Upgraded from Urn of Shadows, Spirit Vessel delivers more useful perks such as movement speed and health, as well as the ability to limit target health regen.

Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves: an upgrade from Arcane Boots and Mekansm, restores health and mana to allies while also removing Dazzle's debuffs. The Guardian Aura is really beneficial.

Lotus Orb

Lotus Orb: he gains additional health and mana regeneration for self-sustainability. Dazzle can use Echo Shell to remove debuffs from a target ally while also bouncing enemy unit-targeted abilities back at them. It can be paired with Shallow Grave to aid increase survivability and deter adversaries from casting spells against vital allies.

Situation items

Sentry Ward

Sentry Ward: For removing opponent map vision or identifying invisible enemy heroes, they should be purchased alongside Observer Wards.

Ghost Scepter

Ghost Scepter: Dazzle's survivability is improved when he is hit by a large amount of physical damage. It not only gives him all-around benefits, but it also makes him immune to physical damage for a short period of time, allowing him to cast spells.

Glimmer Cape

Glimmer Cape: is a useful utility item that allows Dazzle to shield his comrades even more. Using the active on a teammate who is being focused can provide them time to flee while considerably improving their magic resistance, in addition to marginally increasing his magic resistance to aid survivability against magic nukes. It may also be used in conjunction with Shallow Grave to dramatically increase Dazzle's chances of saving a teammate's life

Force Staff

Force Staff: Force Staff is an excellent support item that adds to Dazzle's defensive capabilities. It increases Dazzle's mana pool size while also offering HP regen for self-maintenance. Casting the active on a fleeing teammate who is protected by Shallow Grave not only allows him to rapidly reposition himself to perform his spells, but it can also push them to safety, ensuring their life.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity: Eul's Scepter of Divinity is a powerful utility item that may be acquired at a reasonable price. Dazzle's boosted intellect and powerful scaling mana regen allow him to cast spells whenever he wants, while his improved base movement speed aids positioning and chasing down or fleeing adversaries. 

The active allows Dazzle to gain temporary invulnerability while also removing debuffs from himself, or it may be utilized to disable foes while removing buffs, which is especially useful if they are attempting to murder one of Dazzle's teammates.

Drum of Endurance

Drum of Endurance: is a low-cost, simple-to-make device that gives all-around benefits. In combat, the active grants his squad greater movement and attack speed.

Pipe of Insight

Pipe of Insight: a versatile utility item that enhances Dazzle's capacity to protect his team in a variety of situations. Dazzle's substantially enhanced life regeneration and magic resistance also make him considerably more difficult to kill in battle, allowing him to constantly be ready to defend his teammates.

Rod of Atos

Rod of Atos: a powerful utility support item that boosts Dazzle's survivability and disables his opponents. It significantly boosts Dazzle's HP while also offering a significant amount of intellect to help him enhance his mana pool. Dazzle may use the active to root enemies from a considerable distance.

Shiva's Guard

Shiva's Guard: is a useful utility item that boosts Dazzle's involvement during teamfights. It gives Dazzle a lot of armor, which helps him survive, as well as intelligence, which helps him expand his mana pool. Arctic Blast deals damage and slows in an area around Dazzle, stacking with Poison Touch and allowing teammates to more easily group around them for an offensively cast Shadow Wave. Freezing Aura reduces enemies' attack speed, limiting their ability to harm Dazzle's team with physical attacks, while Arctic Blast deals damage and slows in an area around Dazzle, stacking with Poison Touch and allowing teammates to more easily group around them for an offensively cast Shadow Wave.

Scythe of Vyse

Scythe of Vyse: is a tremendously powerful equipment that can be purchased with gold on any support hero. It gives Dazzle all-around abilities as well as a lot of intelligence and mana regen, boosting his overall resilience and making sure he never runs out of mana. He can hard-disable a target adversary at a distance with the Hex, dramatically increasing his contribution to teamfights.

Octarine Core

Octarine Core: works well with all of Dazzle's abilities, as it increases Bad Juju's already impressive cool down reduction, allowing Dazzle to almost always have Shallow Grave ready, not to mention the Poison Touch stacks, more frequent healing and damage with Shadow Wave, and armor reduction; not to mention the life stealing spell damage.

Enemies & Allies



Brewmaster: Shallow Grave ensures that Brewmaster will be able to use Primal Split.


Broodmother: The damage nuke from Shadow Wave is increased each unit, therefore the maximum damage on a target surrounded by Spawn Spiderlings' summons is trivially doable.


Huskar: Huskar's attack speed rises as his health lowers due to his passive, therefore he's most effective when he's low on health. With a well-timed Shallow Grave, Dazzle is the best option for keeping him safe in that state.


Meepo: Shallow Grave mitigates Meepo's biggest flaw: being able to quickly burst one of them down with single-target damage. Shadow Wave has the ability to heal all five Meepos at once while also doing devastating nuke damage to any adversary they are concentrated around.

Naga Siren

Naga Siren: Mirror Image generates three illusions at level one, enabling for a powerful Shadow Wave nuke right away. Rip Tide's armor decrease boosts the effectiveness of your physical-damaging spells even more.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer: Doppelganger and Juxtapose can cause massive damage to everyone in the vicinity by utilizing Shadow Wave on Phantom Lancer and his illusions from Spirit Lance.

Others: When Battle Trance is on cooldown, Shallow Grave can be used instead. Heroes with summons, such as Nature's Prophet, Lycan, Beastmaster, or the capacity to convert neutrals, such as Chen or Enchantress, all have the potential to be used as healbombs. Illusion heroes not only boost the healbomb's damage output, but they also assist maintain the illusion source healthy. Phantom Lancer, Chaos Knight, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, or Shadow Demon, to name a few. Minus armor strategies frequently pair Dazzle with heroes like Templar Assassin, Slardar, or Alchemist, who rely on armor reduction and do a lot of physical damage. Shadow Wave inflicts immense physical damage, and all physical damage is multiplied by Bad Juju.


Ancient Apparition

Ancient Apparition: Ice Blast counters Shadow Wave's healing and lasts longer than Shallow Grave.


Axe: Even through Shallow Grave, Culling Blade kills any target below the health threshold.

Naga Siren

Naga Siren: Due to Dazzle's lack of effective AoE nukes or disables, Mirror Image's illusions can easily stroll straight at him and assault him. Ensnare immobilizes Dazzle and his allies, making it more difficult to stay within range of Dazzle's life-saving abilities. Song of the Siren can be utilized to start a fight from a better position, potentially zoning out Dazzle's high-impact spells.

Outworld Destroyer

Outworld Destroyer: When cast on a low-enough-health unit at least 1 second into the duration of Shallow Grave, the Shallow Grave will finish during the incarceration, and the target will incur deadly damage when freed. It can be used to take Dazzle out of a fight when he could have saved someone else. It allows him or an ally to avoid all of the effects of Poison Touch for long enough to reclaim their Blink Dagger.

Phantom Lancer

Phantom Lancer: Given Dazzle's lack of intrinsic movement and AoE abilities, Phantom Lancer’s Juxtapose and Doppelganger produce far too many illusions for him to deal with. Phantom Lancer can easily catch Dazzle even in the back line of a fight using Phantom Rush and Spirit Lance. Phantom Lancer has a strong basic armor, which helps him deal with Dazzle's physical damage spells in the lane.


Silencer: A well-timed Global Silence stops Dazzle from using Shallow Grave or Shadow Wave to save friends. Items that could break the quiet are costly and difficult to farm from a support position for Dazzle. Arcane Curse and Last Word inflict long-lasting damage that may outlive Shallow Grave.


Doom: Doom can entirely disable Dazzle by preventing him from casting abilities and, as a result, accumulating Bad Juju stacks.

Others: Shadow Wave's unreliability as an area nuke makes Dazzle vulnerable to summoning (especially ranged ones). Bloodseeker's Thirst, Rupture, and Blood Rite's massive AoE silence can all be effective against Dazzle. After your Grave has expired, some heroes with long range, such as Zeus, Invoker, or Clockwerk, can snipe your teammates from afar. Heroes who provide a lot of burst damage in their physical attacks or spells can kill Dazzle and his allies before he can unleash Shallow Grave. (Lina, Lion, and so on.)

Items Counter

Orchid Malevolence

Dazzle can be silenced by Orchid Malevolence and Bloodthorn, either to kill him or to block his spells in vital periods. This forces Dazzle to spend his little support farm on Eul's Scepter, Lotus Orb, or Guardian Greaves, all of which are pricey.

Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade: swiftly depletes Dazzle's mana, rendering him unusable.


Dagon: Before Shallow Grave's long cast animation completes, Dagon and other fast nukes can snipe low-health teammates.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Eul's Scepter of Divinity can be used to Cyclone an enemy hit by Shallow Grave, wasting a huge portion of the duration and allowing time to zone Dazzle away so he can't aid any longer. Due to the tiny 50 damage delivered on landing, kill an almost-dead enemy who has been Shallow Graved.

Favorable Matchups


Clockwerk: When Clockwerk is fighting an enemy inside Power Cogs, Shadow Wave will hit him every time. Dazzle has plenty of time to Shallow Grave whomever Clockwerk initiates on thanks to Clockwerk's consistent damage output.


Necrophos: Reaper's Scythe is extremely predictable, giving you plenty of time to react with Shallow Grave: just keep an eye on friends who are below 50% health. However, be sure you use Shadow Wave on that ally just after the Shallow Grave ends, otherwise they'll die from Heartstopper Aura!


Venomancer: Venomancer's damage-over-time abilities are easier to heal through with several Shadow Waves than other types of damage, and timing a Shallow Grave until the very last second to save a teammate from them is trivial.

Others: If the adversary does not have a stun to halt channeling, the Town Portal Scroll provides a reliable escape. In general, Dazzle performs admirably in lane against any solo strong hero with poor armor.

Game plan

Early game

Solo lane won’t be too beneficial for Dazzle, so you need to side lane with a teammate. Usually you will need to heal correctly and accurately in order to support better and result in more kills. Poison Touch can be used for ganks, and is pretty powerful at level 3 and level 4. 

For early team pushes, Dazzle is awesome due to his healing chain.

Mid game

Dazzle can get pretty hot in the middle game, as his ganking abilities as well as his healing abilities are improved. Dazzle’s base skills can help him get away from most fights and survive with ease. You should focus more on helping your allies survive.

Late game

Late game Dazzle is not as powerful as the two other previous stages, but Dazzle retains the necessary essentials: protecting the weaker carries and anti-late heroes. You need to get strong items and focus on combats and pushing.