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Ranged, Disabler, Escape, Nuker, Support




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Hero Attributes

20 +2.0

18 +1.6

21 +3.5

Movement speed


Sight range




Base attack time



48 - 56

Attack point


Talent Usage

+1.5 Terrorize Duration

+110 Attack Speed


+100 Attack Speed


-7.0s Bramble Maze CD

+2 Shadow Realm Duration

+2s Shadow Realm Duration


+160 Cursed Crown AoE

+32 Bedlam Damage


+30 Bedlam Damage


-2.0s Shadow Realm Cooldown

+0.5s Cursed Crown Stun Duration




Time Played




4739y 205d 18h 26m

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21y 71d 21h 53m

Guide & Build Strategies

Lore & Bio

"Let's have some fun, shall we?"

The stories about the adventures of playful fairies always draw the attention of the children. The reason is that children are so innocent and naive that they have know idea how nasty and annoying most fairies can be. And the most notorious fairy is Mireska Sunbreeze.

Mireska or Dark Willow, a daughter of the fae merchant king, was born and grew up in Revetel nation where manipulation and murder is no stranger to its citizens. At the young age, Dark Willow showed her talents at navigating the etiquette, unspoken norms and social rituals that pervaded in every aspect of her existence. Instead of being interested in her innate ability, she found it tedious. 

As a untaming youngster, what she did later was understandable: She acted as an arsonist  and set the house and estate of her family on fire. After that, Bringing her pet wisp Jet, she ran away and enjoyed life as a roving swindler.

dark willow masterdota dota 2

In-game, Dark Willow is described as: 

“A slight flutter from the shadows may be all an enemy sees of Dark Willow, as she eludes pursuit and controls her foe's movements with cunning fae tricks. Calling upon powers far more ancient than any scholarly magic, she binds enemies in place before unleashing the full wrath and terror of the fae realm upon them.”

Attribute & Stats

  • Strength: 20 + 2 each level;

  • Agility: 18 + 1.6 each level;

  • Intelligence: 21 + 3.5 each level;

  • Health: 600;

  • Health regeneration: + 2.5 each second;

  • Mana: 327;

  • Mana regeneration: + 1.05 each second;

  • Damage: 48 - 56;

  • Amor: 2;

  • Magic Resistance: 25%;

  • Turn Rate: 0.7;

  • Attack Range: 475;

  • Attack Speed: 115;

  • Projectile speed: 1200;

  • Attack Animation: 0.3+1;

  • Movement: 290;

  • Sight Range: 1800/800;

  • Base Attack time: 1.5 seconds per attack;

  • Damage Block: 0;

  • Collision size: 24.

Abilities & Talents

dark willow talents dota 2

Skills building guide

skill building guide dark willow dota 2

In this build I will focus on guiding you how to play Weaver as the supporter. The first ability I recommend you max out is Shadow Realm as it is extremely useful to harass the enemies because of the increasing in the attack range and put them in the low health state more frequently due to the high magical damage it deals.

The second ability to max out is Cursed Down because it can work as a tool to catch the enemy hero by rooting him/her to prevent them from dealing damage. It is extremely useful if it is cast during the teamfight. Cursed Down is your last priority but you should place one point on this ability at level 3 to stop the enemy from escaping. Always remember to place one point in your ultimate whenever possible.


Bramble Maze

Bramble Maze (Area Target, Magical)

Effect: Dark Willow summons a labyrinth of brambles on the targeted area after 0.5 seconds. Enemies are rooted and dealt damage if running into the brambles.

Mana cost: 100/120/140/160

Cooldown: 20 (Talent 13)

Cast Animation: 0.3+0.8

Cast Range: 1000/1100/1200/1300

Bramble Spawn Radius: 500

Root Search Radius: 90

Bramble Spawn Delay: 0.5

Bramble Spawn Interval: 0.075

Bramble Activation Delay: 0.1

Number of Brambles: 8

Total Damage: 120/160/200/240

Root Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5

Bramble Duration: 15



Only allies can hear and see the sound and visual effect of the 0.5-second bramble spawn delay.

The projectile released when casting Bramble Maze serves the beautifying purposes and has no effect on the delay.

The formation of the brambles is the same in every cast.

  • 4 brambles are put in the 4 cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west which is 200 range away from the center of the targeted area.

  • 4 brambles are put in the 4 Ordinal directions:north-east, south-east, south-west, and north-west which is 500 range away from the center of the targeted area.

  • Every 0.075 seconds, the brambles are created, 0.5 seconds after the spell is cast which means It takes 1.025 seconds for all brambles to be produced completely.

  • With the inner circle, the first bramble is created in the east and the others will be spawned counter-clockwise. The brambles will start with the north-east bramble.

  • Each bramble is only available and active after 0.1 seconds it is created.
  • The first enemy unit that comes in the 90 range of the bramble will be rooted and after that the bramble disappears.
  • Enemies who are in the Fog of War or invisible still are hit by brambles.

  • Rooted enemies which are in the Fog of War or invisible don't provide their sight.

Every 0.5 seconds, a brambles wil deal 60/53.33/50/48 damage, beginning 0.5 seconds after the boost is applied which means the total attacks are 2/3/4/5 instances.

  • The total damage that a target can receive before reduction is 120/160/200/240 damage

The brambles will last for 16.025 seconds after cast.

If an enemy gets hit by multiple brambles, the debuff affected on him will stack.

If the brambles is cast before leveling up of Dark Willow, the root duration won’t be updated.

Shadow Realm

Shadow Realm (No Target, Magical)

Effect: Dark Willow covers herself with darkness and can’t be targeted during its activation. Her next attack will deal more magic damage and have longer attack range, and unveil her from the darkness cover. The longer she stays in the shadow, the bigger the damage she can deal.

Cooldown: 26/22/18/14(Talent 24/20/16/12)

Mana Cost:70/80/90/100

Cast Animation: 0+0

Attack Range Bonus: 600

Max Damage: 90/180/270/360

Max Damage Duration: 3.5

Duration: 5 (Talent 7)


Other channeling abilities of Dark Willow.won’t be disrupted by casting Shadow Realm.

The projectile which is thrown before Dark Willow cast Shadow Realm can not hit her.

 During the effect of Shadow Realm, Dark Willow can not be targeted and immune to the attacks. Besides, other units can go through her during the cast.

  • The attacks in their attack or the spells in the cast animation which targets Dark Willow, will get canceled by Shadow Realm.

  •  That means most of the items can not be used on herself by ↓↓ Double-tapping excluding: Glimmer Cape, Healing Salve, Moon Shard and Shadow Amulet.

  • She is still affected by Spell Reflection. 

As Dark Willow can not be selected, most of the abilities will treat her like an invisible unit. However, there are some exceptions:

  • Heat-Seeking Missile, Concussive Shot, Wrath of Nature, Omnislash, Mana Drain, Exorcism, and Thundergod's Wrath.

  •  Beetles, Phantoms and Undying Zombies still affect Dark Willow after the spell is cast.

In order not to waste the attack out of Shadow Realm, Dark Willow will be forced to stop for a nick of time when cast while attacking an enemy unit. 

  • The only exception that Dark Willow will attack immediately after casting Shadow Realm is when she is given an attack command (A) while outside of attack range. 

Abilities and items can be cast or used during Shadow Realm.

While the attack is released, the Shadow Realm rebuff will disappear. Attack logic buff will be responsible for the Dark Willow’s damage.

  • This boost vanishes when the target gets hit or within 3 seconds, whichever comes first.

  • Which means if the projectile doesn’t hit the target within 3 seconds, it can not deal damage.

  • If Dark Willow dies before the projectile hits the target, the damage caused by this attack will be negated.

  • The attack launched after the attack which creates the buff won’t receive any bonus damage.

  • With the upgrade from Aghanim’s Scepter, Shadow Realm can not be ended by attacking and the bonus damage can apply on other projectiles during the effect of this spell.

Every 0.003 seconds, damage will increase by 0.77/1.54/2.31/3.09 and max out in 3.5 seconds.

After the projectile is released, the damage will stop growing.

 The bonus damage is added on that occurrence only, do not apply on Willow’s attack damage. 

The bonus damage of Shadow Realm can not apply on buildings and wards but still affects allies when denying.

Cursed Crown

Cursed Down (Unit Target)

Effect: Dark Willow placed a curse on the target. After a few ticks, the target and the nearby enemies will be stunned.

Cooldown: 18/16/14/12

Mana cost:80/100/120/140

Cast Animation: 0.2+0.83

Cast Range: 600/625/650/675

Stun Radius: 360 (Talent 520)

Effect Delay: 4

Stun Duration: 1.5/2/2.5/3 (Talent 2/2.5/3/3.5)

Upgraded by Aghanim’s Shard

  • Cooldown: 16/14/12/10
  • Effect Delay: 3
  • Bramble Spawn Radius: 175


Everyone can hear and see the sound and visual effect of delay on the target.

  • Each second,the visual effect displays the area that will be affected.

Any enemies are in the affected area of Cursed down, they are all affected by the debuff no matter if they are invulnerable or hidden.

With the upgrades from Aghanim’s Shard,When the delay reaches its end, 4 Brambles will be created in cardinal directions which is 175 away form the target.

  • If Bramble Maze is not leveled up while casting Cursed Down, no brambles are produced.

  • Unlike the brambles created by Bramble’s Maze, all 4 brambles will appear immediately. 


Bedlam (No Target)

Effect: Dark Willow unleashes her pet wisp and lets it fly around her for a specific period and throws projectiles to the nearby enemies. Bedlam is uncastable during Terrorize.

Cooldown: 30

Mana cost: 100/150/200

Cast Animation: 0+0

Roam Radius: 200

Attack Radius: 300

Attack Interval: 0.25

Damage per Attack: 75/125/175 (Talent 107/157/207)

Seconds per Revolution: 1.8

Duration: 5


Terrorize is automatically leveled when this ability is leveled.It also applies in the Ability Draft mode.

Casting Bedlam can disrupt Dark Willow’s channeling abilities.

Terrorize is uncastables during Bedlam and vice versa. 

Bedlam can be cast when Terrorize duration reaches its ends and Jax completely comes back to Dark Willow.

The position of Jex when emerging is on the west side of Dark Willow and revolves clockwise around her.

Jex travels around Dark Willow with the speed of 698.13, costing it 1.8 seconds to finish the cycle.

  • So the total cycles that Jex can travel are 2.78 cycles.

Jex will choose a visible target within the active range randomly to deal the damage. It does not cause damage to buildings or wards.

  • Jex is at the middle of the attack radius. It is surrounded by a faint pink glow, displaying the attack area.

  • Jex only stops attacking when Dark Willow dies or when the duration expires.

  • Jex's attacks are not typical. They are considered as a skill and so do not interact with any on-attack effects.

  • This implies that it is not compatible with both spell damage amplification and spell lifesteal. 

  • The speed that the projectiles travel is 1400

The attack rate of Jex is 0.25 seconds which means it can attack up to 20 times.

The damage per second that a single unit can receive is up to 300/500/700 (Talent 428/628/828).

  • Which means the total damage a single unit can receive before reductions is up to 1500/2500/3500 (Talent 2140/3140/4140).

If new Bedlam is cast while the previous is still active, the duration will be refreshed.

During Bedlam, Jex provides Dark Willow with 600 ground vision.



Effect: Jex, Dark Willow’s pet wisp , is released and slams the target area which causes damage and fear to the enemies in the active range. The feared enemies will run towards their home fountain. Terrorize is uncastable during Bedlam. 

Cooldown: 100/90/80

Mana cost: 150

Cast Animation: 1+2.57

Cast Range: 1200

Radius: 400

Duration: 3.5/3.75/4 (Talent 5/5.25/5.5)


Bedlam is automatically leveled when this ability is leveled.It also applies in the Ability Draft mode.

  • If a player chooses Bedlam, they receive Terrorize as well in the Ability Draft Mode.

Terrorize can’t be cast during Bedlam.

Terrorize can be cast when Bedlam duration reaches its ends and Jax completely comes back to Dark Willow.

The speed that Jex travels towards the target area is 2000 while the returning speed is 600.

Only the allies can see the visual effect of cast time/effect delay which is applied on the target while the sound can be heard by everyone.

Any enemies in the active radius of this spell will be forced to head back to their fountain and they can not cast spells or use items.

  • With neutral creeps, this spell will make them go back to their camps.

Any enemies that get hit by this spell will share their vision for a short amount of time. This spell also affects the invisible enemies but does not reveal their position.

 During Terrorize, Jex provides Dark Willow with 600 ground vision.

Effective items guides

Early game

Healing Salve

Healing Salve grants bursting health restoration which saves her in dangerous situations.


Tango keeps Dark Willow in lane longer by granting some regeneration.


c keeps Mireska’s mana in a sustainable state so she can play more aggressively.

Iron Branch

Iron Branch synergizes well with Tango which heals Dark Willow more health and can be upgraded into Magic Wand.

Enchanted Mango

Enchanted Mango allows Dark Willow to cast more spells by restoring her mana.

Observer Ward

Observer Ward reveals the location of the enemies so that she and allies sense the imminent threat.

Magic Stick

Magic Stick instantly restores a pinch of mana and health which helps Dark Willow survive in the dangerous situations.

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed: increases mobility.

Wind Lace

Wind Lace grants movement speed which is useful when Dark Willow tries to escape or chase the enemy. Besides, it can be used to upgrade to Eul’s Scepter of Divinity.

Mid game

Magic Wand

Magic Wand a great update from Magic Stick which has more recharge capacity.

Arcane Boots

Arcane Boots expands the mana pools and instantly restore a great amount of mana which allows Dark Willow to spam her spells more often.

Eul's Scepter of Divinity

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity‘s ability creates a perfect setup for Dark Willow to cast all his spells upon the enemy besides the bonus stats it grants.v

Blink Dagger

Blink Dagger makes up for Dark Willow’s lack of mobility which can help her approach enemies or run away better.

Glimmer Cape

Glimmer Cape grants her the invisibility which helps her sneak in the back of the enemy and set up a gank or escape when being sieged. Besides, the magic resistance it grants allows her to survive better while casting Bedlam.

Late game

Scythe of Vyse

Scythe of Vyse boots her damage output and its hexing activation can leave her enough room to cast her spell successfully.

Guardian Greaves

Guardian Greaves increases the survivability of Dark Willow and her allies by instantly restoring a great amount of mana and health by activating Mend.

Situation items

Phase Boots

Phase Boots facilitate Dark Willow to chase enemies during Bedlam.


Bottle helps her control the runes better and can store them to use latter helps her control the runes better and can store them to use latter.

Veil of Discord

Veil of Discord increases Dark Willow’s damage output as well as granting useful additional attributes.


Kaya increases Dark Willow’s damage output by reducing the mana cost to cast the spells as well as granting spell damage.

Force Staff

Force Staff is a useful tool to help Dark Willow escape as well as putting enemies in the perfect setup for her to cast abilities.

Spirit Vessel

Spirit Vessel grants Dark Willow various bonus stats and its activation can counter enemy healing abilities.

Rod of Atos

Rod of Atos’s ability synergizes well with Blame Maze and Cursed Down as they root the enemy down and keep the enemies in the active range of Bedlam.

Linken's Sphere

Linken’s Sphere prevents from being disabled when targeted by the enemies.

Aeon Disk

Aeon Disk grants Dark Willow a great deal of mana and health which allows her to survive better in the teamfight. Besides, Combo Breaker prevents her from being wiped out quickly by the enemy heroes when being targeted.

Aghanim's Scepter

Aghanim’s Scepter upgrades the abilities resulting in high damage output.

Boots of Travel

Boots of Travel allows Dark Willow to move to another lane and support her allies better.

Enemies & Allies



Mars: Terrorize’s fear forces the enemies who are trapped inside the Arena of Blood to run towards the edge of the arena, causing them to be damaged many times.


Rubick: Telekinesis can accumulate the enemy into the place where Bramble Maze has been cast.

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit: enemies caught in Brambles are the perfect setup for Ember Spirit to cast his AoE damage spells.


Invoker: The root and stun effect from Bramble Maze and Cursed Down respectively provide Invoker enough time to cast abilities like Sun Strike.


Juggernaut: with the help from Cursed Down and Bramble Maze, Juggernaut can secure the kill in his lane with Blade Fury. Terrorize can put enemies in the great position for Juggernaut to cast Blade Fury and Omnislash.


Lina: The root effect from Bramble Maze provides Lina enough time to cast Light Strike Array as well as dealing her burst damage.


Mirana: Cursed Down grants Miranda enough time to aim her Sacred Arrows on the target enemy. Leap and Starstorm can be used to catch enemies after they are feared by Terrorize.


Phoenix: Terrorize can put enemies in the perfect position for Phoenix to cast Icarus Dive and Sun Ray. Bramble Maze, Cursed Down as well as Terrorize are great tools to protect Supernova’s Sun from being attacked by enemy heroes.


Puck: Terrorize forces affected enemies to run out of the active range of Puck’s Dream Coil which stuns them and deals extra damage.


Warlock: Chaotic Offering, Upheaval, and Bramble Maze are AoE abilities and if these spells are cast together, the amount of damage dealt on the enemies is enormous.


Weaver: Enemies are stunned or rooted by Cursed Down and Bramble Maze are ideal targets for Shukuchi. When enemies are feared by Terrorize, Weaver can cast The Swarm accordingly resulting in a lot of beetles that can latch on the enemies.


Axe: With Berserker's Call, the terrorized enemies are forced to attack Axe instead of running back to their fountain.



Anti-Mage: Cursed Down can be blocked by Counterspells. Besides, It also neutralizes Dark Willow’s high magical damage.


Axe: With Berserker’s Call, Axe will make Dark Willow wastes her Shadow Realm.


Bristleback : even with the attack range advantage from Shadow Realm, Dark Willow still gets hit by Quill Spray. If she tries to get closer to Bristleback to cast Bedlam, she will receive more damage from Quill Spray.

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger can hit Dark Willow with Gust without stepping into the active range of Bramble Maze. It also prevents Dark Willow from approaching Drow Ranger to cast Bedlam. Besides, her long range attack is also useful when dueling with Dark Willow.

Ember Spirit

Ember Spirit : Dark Willow’s magical damage can not penetrate through Flame Guard. Besides, Flame Guard can deal damage on Dark Willow if she tries to approach and cast Bedlam.With the help from Sleight of Fist and Fire Remnant, It is nearly impossible for Dark Willow to completely dispel Ember Spirit.


Juggernaut: With the magic immune granted from Blade Fury,Juggernaut can survive Dark Willow’s burst magical damage.


Lifestealer: Rage makes all Dark Willow’s abilities become useless against Lifestealer.

Nyx Assassin

Nyx Assassin’s high burst damage can quickly wipe out Dark Willow due to her low health. When facing Nyx Assassin , Dark Willow must be prudent when casting Bramble Maze, as Spiked Carapace can be triggered by walking into the Brambles. And when Spiked Carapace is activated, Dark Willow is stunned and can be ganked easily.


Oracle: Fortune’s End can be used to prevent Dark Willow from escaping. It also dispel Cursed Down and Terrorize. During Fate’s Edict, Dark Willow’s burst magic damage can not leave a scratch on Oracle or her allies. Dark Willow’s disables will be eliminated by False Promise.


Puck: Illusory Orb can outplay the Bramble Maze as it allows Puck to pass Brambles without any harm, closes the distance and silences Dark Willow by casting Waning Rift. In the Phase Shift duration, Puck can be immune to all magic damage from Dark Willow.


Pudge: Dark Willow can be hooked by Meat Hook and affected by Rot even when using Shadow Realm. Fish Heap allows Pudge to survive the high magic damage from Dark Willow.


Riki: If Dark Willow intends to approach Riki and cast Bedlam, Smoke Screen will discourage her from doing so. With Blink Strike, Bramble Maze is not a matter to him as he can pass it easily.


Silencer: Last Word and Arcane Curse allows Silencer to hit Dark Willow without stepping into the active range of Bramble Maze.

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit can outplay Dark Willow’s Bramble Maze and Terrorize by casting Ball Lightning.

Items Counter

Infused Raindrops

Infused Raindrops grants owners magical blocks which helps them survive the burst magic damage from Dark Willow.

Town Portal Scroll

Town Portal Scroll is used to outplay Cursed Down by moving the owner to the safe place.

Hood of Defiance

Hood of Defiance reduces magical damage caused from Dark Willow.

Glimmer Cape

Glimmer Cape : its activation can be used to avoid the further damage from Cursed Down besides the magical resistance it grants.

Dragon Lance

Dragon Lance allows ranged heroes to harass Dark Willow without stepping into the active range of Bramble Maze.

Blade Mail

Blade Mail: Dark Willow will be hurt by her own high magic damage.

Black King Bar

Black King Bar: dispel most of the disables from Dark Willow.


Bloodthorn: after being silenced by Bloodhorn, Dark Willow becomes vulnerables which is easily killed by enemies.

Helm of the Dominator

Helm of the Dominator: The creep created from this item can get most of the damage from the Bedlam.

Minotaur Horn

Minotaur Horn grants the owner spells immune in a short period of time.

Magic Lamp

Magic Lamp heals the owner and dispels debuff from Dark Willow.

Favorable Matchups


Bloodseeker: Bramble Maze prevents Bloodseeker from running around in the teamfight to deal damage on her team carry. Shadow Realm allows Dark Willow to keep a safe distance with Bloodseeker.

Faceless Void

Faceless Void: Terrorize can disrupt Faceless Void’s Chronosphere.

Monkey King

Monkey King: Terrorize can disrupt Wukong’s Command.


Meepo: Meepo clones can easily get caught on the Bramble Maze. Terrorize and Cursed Down can be used to prevent Meepo from escaping by using Poof.

Game plan

Early game

As a supporter, farming is never its priority. Instead, Dark Willow will try to help the teammate to farm and harass the enemy heroes or secure the kill if possible. Use Bramble Maze to prevent the enemies from playing aggressively. Besides, Shadow Realm can harass enemies from a long distance or help the carry to secure the kill.

Mid game

With some items and might be some advantage at the lane, you can start roaming to support other lanes. With Bramble Maze you can isolate the enemies. With the great timing,you can place Cursed Down on the enemy after he/she gets hit by Bramble Maze. But remember to go back to the bot lane right after the gank as your carry always needs a help from yours to get his/her power to accelerate better.

Late game

In the late game, you and your team might play around the key objectives like Roshan and towers and try to demolish as many towers as possible. Your main purpose is to find a perfect position to place your disable abilities which is a big help for your teammates to wipe out the opponents.