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Melee, Carry, Durable, Escape




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Most Popular Ability Build 33.93% Build Rate

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Hero Attributes

23 +2.5

25 +2.1

16 +1.7

Movement speed


Sight range




Base attack time



48 - 52

Attack point


Talent Usage

+5% Dispersion

+32% Haunt Illusion Damage


+30% Haunt Illusion Damage


+14% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus


+400 Health

+12% Spectral Dagger Slow/Bonus

+350 Health


+100 Spectral Dagger Damage

+12 Desolate Damage


+80 Spectral Dagger Damage


+5 All Stats

-5s Spectral Dagger Cooldown


-4s Spectral Dagger Cooldown



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21611y 114d 18h 22m

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19y 258d 19h 55m

Guide & Build Strategies

Lore & Bio

“Among the Transcendences, you would be thought ignoble”

Just as the higher form of energy seeks to lower it, the Specter known as the Mecurial is an intense and ferocious being who finds it irresistible to draw from the sights. bloodshed takes place outside the physical world. While its spirit form transcends the limits of sensation, every time it manifests as a physical entity, it is attacked by a part of its body that has been lost – for no purpose whatsoever. During the melee, its identity shattered and reshaped, and then its consciousness. It is the Specter - Mecurial, as well as all its other illusions everywhere of the only true Specter. It focuses on the skirmish for survival; its true mind speaks for itself; that until the last moment of success or failure of this war, it will overcome everything to return to its eternal form once more.

Specter is a hero that is quite famous for his ability to defend but all: Good wide area damage, extremely low damage reduction, high mobility, hard to die… A strong carry whose gameplay is biased towards melee combat rather than solo with a strong sweeping ability, putting great pressure on the enemy team once they have the necessary items. It's hard to escape Specter when she possesses the ability to reach any hero anywhere, anytime with her useful ultimate global.

But it's really not easy to turn Specter into a destruction machine, because she needs a lot of equipment and farming time. A hard carry with a very weak start, Specter can only go into farming to get core items to become stronger, only then will her skill set really come into play. She is also very easy to die at the beginning of the game if not carefully protected, Specter is inherently slow, has low health, and does not possess many good escape skills. And if unfortunately, the Specter is a real burden. The risk with this hero is as high as the opportunities, the power it brings, Specter is not an easy pick for new players to play.

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Attribute & Stats

Level: 0 1 15 25 30

Health: 200 660 1360 2100 2380

Health regen: +1.5 +3.8 +7.3 +11 +12.45

Mana: 75 267 579 951 1095

Mana regen: +0 +0.8 +2.13 +3.68 +4.26

Armor: 1 4.83 9.73 15.23 17.32

Damage Block: 16 (50%)

Magic Resistance: 25%

Status Resistance: 0%

Damage: 23‒27 46‒50 75‒79 108‒112 120‒124

Attack Rate: 0.53/s 0.66/s 0.84/s 1.03/s 1.11/s

Attack Range: 150 (600)

Attack Speed: 90 (1.7s BAT)

Attack Animation: 0.3+0.7

Projectile Speed: Instant

Movement Speed: 290

Turn Rate: 0.6

Collision Size: 24

Vision Range: 1800 • 800

Legs: 0

Gib Type: Ethereal

Ability Upgrades:

  • Upgradable by Aghanim's Scepter;
  • Upgradable by Aghanim's Shard.

Abilities & Talents

spectre talents dota 2 masterdota

Skills building guide

skill building guide spectre dota 2 masterdota

There are 2 ways to increase skills:

Method 1: Focus on maxing Spectral Dagger (Q) first because this is a good damage skill in the early game, it gives you the ability to slow enemies, speed yourself up when hunting and the ability to run through terrain extremely useful. Desolate (W) takes 1 point initially to take some damage when solo, Dispersion (E) is the ability to max next because it greatly increases Specter's resistance. Ultimate Haunt (R) gets the correct level and the Attribute Bonus will come last.

Method 2: This time Desolate (W) will be maxed in tandem with Spectral Dagger (Q), these 2 skills are the main source of damage for Specter making this hero stronger in confrontations. Dispersion (E) only takes 1 point, Ultimate Haunt (R) only takes 1 point because leveling up this skill only increases the duration of the ghosts but does not make them stronger. Attribute bonus points will therefore be added earlier to improve Specter's stats.


Spectral Dagger

Effect: Specter throws a blade that carries a Shadow Path to damage and slow enemies. This shadow is the cause of the slow, enemy champions hit by Spectral Dagger will trail the black trail on the ground. Other enemy heroes that step on the black streak will also bring the same black streak, all of which are slowed and revealed for a short time. Specter gains movement speed and the ability to cross terrain if traveling on Shadow Path.

Mana Cost: 130/140/150/160

Skill Cooldown: 16s

Damage: 50/100/150/200

Cast Range: 2000

Slow from Shadow Path: 8%/12%/16%/20%

Shadow Path Specter Speed: 8%/12%/16%/20%

Shadow Path Effect: 12s (since they were created)

More information:

  • The blade flies at 800 speed and has an impact zone of 125.
  • Black streak doesn't track creeps but still slows them. Exceptions: Lone Druid's Spirit Bear, Warlock's Golem, Visage's brother, and Brewmaster's ultimate clone.
  • Can be assigned to the ground to make the blade fly straight, or assigned to an enemy champion for the blade to chase that target. Therefore it can be blocked by the Linken Sphere.


Effect: When Specter attacks a standing enemy alone she deals pure damage to them.

Bonus Damage: 20/35/50/65 pure damage.

Condition: When around 325 AoE the enemy has none of its allies

Still deals extra pure damage even if Specter misses an attack.


Effect: Specter is mitigated and reflects around a portion of the damage she takes, dealing pure damage to enemies. The further away you are from the Specter, the lower this damage is.

Reduced damage/reflection around: 10%/14%/18%/22% of damage taken

Maximum Damage Radius: 300 AoE around Spectre

Minimum Damage Radius: 1000 AoE around Spectre

More information:

  • The damage emitted by this skill does not interrupt the action of some items such as Blink Dagger, Healing Salve, Clarity, Bottle, Urn of Shadows, etc. and does not interact with other hero's skills.
  • Disabled by Doom with Aghanim Scepter


Effect: Cast on the ground allows Specter to swap positions with the closest phantom to the target location created by Haunt. Can be used repeatedly between ghosts.

Additional Info: No mana cost and cooldown

Shadow Step

Cast Animation: +0.3/+0.5

Cast Range: Global

Illusion Damage Dealt: 40% / 60% / 80%

Illusion Damage Taken: 200%

Haunt Duration: 5 / 6 / 7

Mana Cost: 180

Cooldown Time: 40

Effect: Allows you to Haunt a single unit at a time. On the target, a Spectral Dagger is cast.


Effect: Summons Specter's clones to attack all enemy Heroes on the map for a short time. During this time Specter has the ability to replace the position of any ghost created by the ability Haunt with an active called Reality.

Mana Consumption: 150

Skill Recovery: 120

Effect time: 5/6/7s

Specter damage: 30% of Spectre's damage

More information:

  • Ghosts take 200% more damage
  • These ghosts cannot be controlled, they default to automatic attack commands
  • Ghosts have the ability to move across terrain if needed

Effective items guides

Early game

Quelling Blade

Quelling Blade: The Quelling Blade aids in obtaining final hits in order to farm for subsequent items.

Boots of Speed

Boots of Speed: Boots of Speed aid her in eluding gankers and pursuing weaker foes.

Mid game

Power Treads

Power Treads: With their characteristics, Power Treads help Specter's illusions. The extra assaults with Desolate may result in a kill against weaker enemies who are unable to deal with the illusions.


Radiance: Radiance complements Specter's tanky and AoE combat style by speeding up her farm and dealing burn damage to all foes during Haunt.

Manta Style

Manta Style: Manta Style allows Specter to farm quickly by sending illusions into lane or into other jungle camps, which they can wipe down with Radiance and then combine with Desolate to deliver massive damage to unprepared adversaries.

Late game

Heart of Tarrasque

Heart of Tarrasque: Heart of Tarrasque provides a large amount of life and regeneration, which, combined with Dispersion's damage mitigation, makes Spectre difficult to kill while also reflecting harm back on her adversaries.


Butterfly: Butterfly increases Spectre's and her illusions' damage output and durability by giving them agility and evasion.

Situation items

Urn of Shadows

Urn of Shadows: Urn of Shadows is a fantastic early-game item for getting a lot of Haunt charges.

Phase Boots

Phase Boots: To chase down opposing heroes, Phase Boots give increased movement speed and attack damage.

Diffusal Blade

Diffusal Blade: Diffusal Blade boosts the damage your illusions deliver, provides some much-needed mana and agility, and is slow to keep up with your opponents.

Mask of Madness

Mask of Madness: Mask of Madness is a useful agricultural tool in the early game. You don't mind being silent after you've haunted, rifted to a target, and thrown your dagger, and you'll happily take the increased movement and attack speed.

Drum of Endurance

Drum of Endurance: Drum of Endurance boosts your stats. It's a good match with Urn of Shadows.


Vanguard: Vanguard provides a significant amount of damage reduction, which is determined once Dispersion is applied. It also provides much-needed early-game HP and HP regeneration, which most farming heroes require in order to farm without taking pauses.

Blade Mail

Blade Mail: Blade Mail complements Spectre's persistent AoE damage and punishes foes that attempt to lock you down. It can also make it easier to farm ancient stacks.

Sange and Yasha

Sange and Yasha: Sange and Yasha are a snowballing item found in the middle of the game. The stats are well-suited to illusions, and the increased movement speed will aid Spectre in staying on track.

Eye of Skadi

Eye of Skadi: On Spectre, the Eye of Skadi is a nice luxury item. The stats aid with dispersion and illusions, while the slow means foes won't be able to get away from you, and the mana can help maintain the Spectral Dagger talent's low cooldown.

Assault Cuirass

Assault Cuirass: Assault Cuirass increases the durability and damage of Haunt while also providing increased armor and attack speed to any teammates within range.

Abyssal Blade

Abyssal Blade: Abyssal Blade increases damage and HP, as well as providing spell immunity-piercing disable and pursue potential, which draws attention back to her.


Mjollnir: Mjollnir offers a lot of farming and push potential, while also fulfilling Radiance's AoE damage function, scaling better and being easier to build up. The attack speed is beneficial to illusions, but the lightning effect is not.

Enemies & Allies


Ancient Apparition

  • Ancient Apparition is an excellent target for a Haunt gank since he prefers to stay far away from the action in order to maximize the potency of Ice Blast.
  • Spectre will have an easy time killing Ancient Apparition because he has no hard disables or escape spells.


  • Even if Clinkz utilizes Skeleton Walk, Spectre can catch him with a Spectral Dagger.
  • With Haunt, Spectre may swiftly approach a rattling Clinkz.
  • Desolate damage will swiftly melt him, as he is alone most of the time.

Crystal Maiden

  • Because Crystal Maiden is squishy and moves slowly, Spectre can simply remain on her with Haunt and Spectral Dagger.
  • With enough agriculture, Spectre may survive an entire Freezing Field late in the game, potentially even forcing Crystal Maiden to die from Dispersion.

Drow Ranger

  • With Haunt and Spectral Dagger, Spectre can swiftly close the distance on Drow Ranger, essentially disabling her Marksmanship.
  • Spectre doesn't mind if Gust silences her since Spectre will still catch up to her.
  • If Drow Ranger chooses to attack, Dispersion can reflect some damage back to her.
  • When she gets her Silver Edge be wary. It's an effort to shut you down.


  • Earthshaker's initiation attempts can be intercepted and disrupted by Spectre using Haunt.
  • The Spectral Dagger may be used to pass through Fissure.
  • Desolate can be particularly successful against Earthshaker because he typically travels alone when attempting to begin.
  • Be aware that the Haunt illusions increase the damage done by Echo Slam, which might be devastating to Spectre's squad.


  • Earthshaker's initiation attempts can be intercepted and disrupted by Spectre using Haunt.
  • The Spectral Dagger may be used to pass through Fissure.
  • Desolate can be particularly successful against Earthshaker because he typically travels alone when attempting to begin.
  • Be aware that the Haunt illusions increase the damage done by Echo Slam, which might be devastating to Spectre's squad.


  • Magnus' initiation efforts can be intercepted and disrupted by Spectre using Haunt.
  • Magnus may be badly slowed by Spectral Dagger after he uses Skewer.
  • When Magnus is attempting to initiate, he frequently goes alone, therefore Desolate may be quite effective against him.
  • Due to Dispersion, Spectre can survive Reverse Polarity initiation in the late game.

Nature's Prophet

  • With Haunt, Spectre can track him down anywhere on the map.
  • With Spectral Dagger, Spectre may pass through his trees.
  • Desolate damage will swiftly melt him, as he is alone most of the time.



  • Spectre is powerless to stop Blink from escaping or initiating. Anti-Mage has little trouble picking off enemy support, and Spectre is unable to stop him.
  • Mana Break depletes Spectre's mana supply.
  • Desolate damage is prevented by Manta Style's illusions.
  • Despite the fact that Spectre outfarms Anti-Mage in the latter phases of the game, a skilled Anti-Mage with a Battle Fury may easily outfarm Spectre before she can come online.


  • Spectre is powerless to stop Blink from escaping or initiating. Anti-Mage has little trouble picking off enemy support, and Spectre is unable to stop him.
  • Mana Break depletes Spectre's mana supply.
  • Desolate damage is prevented by Manta Style's illusions.
  • Despite the fact that Spectre outfarms Anti-Mage in the latter phases of the game, a skilled Anti-Mage with a Battle Fury may easily outfarm Spectre before she can come online.


  • When Spectre Haunts, Hex and Mana Drain may be used to instantly dispel her illusion. A Lion with quick fingers can defend himself and a teammate.
  • Hex and Earth Spike are effective lockdown spells for controlling and killing Spectre, especially if she doesn't acquire protective goods like Linken's Sphere and Black King Bar.
  • Because Spectre has very low magic resistance, Finger of Death can be used to blast down Spectre while she is low on health.


  • Because of the increased movement speed offered by Shapeshift, Spectre has no way of punishing Lycan if he split pushes or picks off supports. He will also kite Haunt and will not be hindered by Spectral Dagger.
  • Because she requires a lot of time and space to come online as a late game carry, Lycan is frequently part of an early game push plan, which is typically the greatest response to Spectre.


  • Poof may be used in conjunction with Earthbind to quickly lockdown and burst Spectre.
  • Meepo will frequently be well ahead of Spectre in farming due to his playstyle of coming online early to mid-game and taking over the whole game.
  • Meepo's global map presence helps him to track down Spectre and interrupt her farm with ease.
  • Spectre doesn't have any AOE abilities or a method to control or lock Meepo down.

Items Counter

Scythe of Vyse

  • Scythe of Vyse: Scythe of Vyse disables Spectre fully, and she seldom creates a Black King Bar to prevent it.

Battle Fury

  • Battle Fury: Battle Fury will do AoE damage and expose Spectre's illusions, allowing her to be recognized.


  • Mjollnir: During a team battle, Mjollnir's active ability may cause a lot of damage to Spectre, since damage from both Dispersion and Radiance greatly increases the proc probability of Static Charge.

Silver Edge

  • Silver Edge: Silver Edge may disable Spectre by breaking both Desolate and Dispersion.

Crimson Guard

  • Crimson Guard: Dispersion's physical damage is mostly blocked by Crimson Guard.

Blink Dagger

  • Blink Dagger: Blink Dagger initiations may be intercepted by Spectre, who can then notify her squad while also interrupting enemy engagements.


  • Butterfly: Desolate counteracts Butterfly's evasion.

Black King Bar

  • Black King Bar: Because all of Spectre's talents penetrate Spell Immunity, Black King Bar is effectively ineffective against her.

Favorable Matchups


  • Thirst can show low-health adversaries everywhere on the map (and provide True Sight). Spectre can then Haunt an adversary with little health for a quick death.
  • Radiance and Desolate damage can be amplified by Bloodrage.

Bounty Hunter

  • Haunt allows Spectre to locate a Tracked adversary anywhere on the map.
  • Killing Tracked foes will provide Spectre with enough gold to swiftly snowball and become unbeatable.


  • Spectre can be healed by the Hand of God from anywhere on the map.
  • Chen can push lanes on his own in the late game, and Spectre will be able to shield him with Haunt from wherever on the map.
  • Jungle ganks will allow Spectre to fast snowball, and he'll be able to shield her in lane from opponent ganks.


  • Without using Rocket Flare, Haunt can show prospective Hookshot targets.


  • The more units struck by Echo Slam, the greater damage it delivers. The opposition squad is forced to break up, putting them at risk of being slain by Haunt illusions.


  • When heroes are united together, Black Hole is terrible. If the opposition team is spread out, they will be more impacted by Haunt, whereas if they are gathered, they will be more affected by Black Hole.


  • Split Earth and Lightning Storm both provide good AOE lockdown, allowing Spectre and her illusions to adhere to targets.
  • Diabolic Edict may greatly assist Spectre in demolishing towers, funneling her gold, and allowing her to farm.
  • Pulse Nova's magical damage complements Spectre's physical and pure damage.
  • Because Leshrac's spells are AOE, foes will be prevented from grouping up, making them more vulnerable to Haunt ganks.

Treant Protector

  • Treant may use Nature's Guise to spy out adversaries for possible Haunt ganks.
  • If Spectre's Spectral Dagger is on cooldown, Leech Seed will heal her and her illusions while also giving a slow.
  • While Spectre is farming the jungle, she can utilize Living Armor to heal her. It may also be utilized to heal towers, allowing Spectre to harvest her items while slowing the enemy advance.
  • Enemies are held in place by overgrowth. If foes are rooted but far enough apart, Haunt illusions may be extremely lethal, as Desolate will amplify all of their attacks.

Game plan

Early game

The early game stage is quite hard for Specter as mentioned above, if the opponent in the lane is long-handed or the harasser, it is still tiring. It's okay, just bear with this stage, you guys have the saying "one thing, nine things of shame" and the other "good", just be careful above all, Late game many things ask it late. Don't Did you waste time participating in the teamfight to do anything, what was there to fight? Spectral Dagger (Q)? Throw half of the mana bar, but it hurts, but it doesn't do much damage. Get the Early game items to finish. When you have the ultimate, take a hard look at the map for a bit.

Mid game

Your mission so far is still farming and farming. Get the Radiance with the Diffusal Blade, then join the fray. Occasionally there will be a few fights, choose when the enemy has a little health to go to the ulti, just Haunt (R) and then throw the Dagger to get a kill. Pick up any coins or coins, accumulate small to become great. Well, if you notice something missing on the map and withdraw, it's very difficult to get caught.

Your Spectral Dagger (Q) has many effects. In addition to ganking enemies, the Dagger can let you run across terrain. If you are caught alone, just calmly throw the dagger into the edge of the forest or corner, try to hide there or the enemy will not be able to reach it. Waiting for the situation to calm down, Portal will come later. Or it even creates a shortcut for you to avoid having to take a long detour, but look at its mana so that you don't abuse it.

Even your Haunt (R) has a lot of that effect. Used to approach combat, fight, or simply when there are many items and then pop up to scare the opponent away. It can also be used to escape if you're lucky. If you get caught odd, just ulti and then choose which guy is the least dangerous on the map to fly to. But don't aim at the carry guys, if it kills you, you only have to pay for it. Get all the core equipment and go to war!

Late game

If you are fully farmed, you will become very strong, if they dare to focus on you, they will definitely eat Dispersion for the whole team. Now you are the most important member of the team, do not go alone, replace the position of tankers in the teamfight to make the most of this hero's skill. Focus on destroying the enemy Support first, they protect the remaining members very annoyingly. Then there are the Carry and finally the tankers. Let's pull down the enemy's main house.